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Python Computing for Data Science

Undergraduate/Graduate Seminar Course at UC Berkeley (AY 250)

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Hearst Field Annex B-1: Thursday 1 - 4 PM FALL 2013 (CCN #060800)


Python is becoming the de facto superglue language for modern scientific computing. In this course we will learn Pythonic interactions with databases, imaging processing, advanced statistical and numerical packages, web frameworks, machine-learning, and parallelism. Each week will involve lectures and coding projects. In the final project, students will build a working codebase useful for their own research domain.

This class is for any student working in a quantative discpline and with familiarily with Python. Those who completed the Python Bootcamp or equivalent will be eligible.

Course Schedule



Each Thursday we will be introducing a resonably self-contained topic with two back-to-back lectures. In between a short (~20 minute) breakout coding session will be conducted. Homeworks will require you to write a large (several hundred line) codebase.


Email us at or contact the professor directly ( Auditing is not permitted by the University but those wishing to sit in on a class or two should contact the professor before attending.